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Flower Subscriptions

Would you like fresh flowers delivered direct to your home for you or as a gift for someone special?

You can choose from our weekly, fortnightly and monthly subscriptions, choose the length of subscription and I will personally hand pick from my favourite seasonal flowers just for you.

Please remember if your Billing address is different to the Postal Address you’ll receive instructions on how to amend once you have subscribed.

“I choose a regular stock of flowers which come from the flower auctions in Holland so you can rest assured you will receive the best quality and freshest stems.”
If you have a specific style or colour preference please let me know and I will find the perfect flowers for your requirements.
From my website you can choose a £25 or a £45 subscription to be delivered on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. I can set up a bespoke package to suit you, please get in touch to discuss the package you would like. Please see my photo showing size examples of the £25 and £45 options.

Frequently Asked Questions

What flowers will I receive?

Surprises are always the best but if you would like a specific style or colour please get in touch. I will hand pick from the best in season.

How easy is it to arrange the flowers?

With your flower subscription I will enclose an arrangement guide which will help you make your flowers look their best.

When will I be charged for my subscription and when will I receive my flowers?

It will be on an interval of weekly/fortnighly/monthly subscription. You will be charged immediately and then on the same interval. The flowers will then be sent out every Wednesday via courier for next day delivery.

Can I skip a delivery?

The best way to skip a delivery is to log in to your account and Cancel your subscription from there. Please notify us before 12pm on the Friday before your delivery is due.

How often do I receive my flowers?

Weekly is the most popular subscription but you can choose fortnightly or monthly too. If you wanted your subscription anything different to weekly, fortnightly or monthly please get in touch.

What do I do with the packaging?

The packaging I use is all fully recyclable so just break them down and put them into the recycle. If it’s a local delivery then I can collect your old box and reuse it a few times.

Can I gift a box to a friend?

Yes of course. You can either send a one off gift box or set up a subscription for your friend. Please get in touch to discuss these options.

Where are my card details stored?

I don’t see your card details, these are independently secured by Stripe.

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